About Us

We’re for businesses looking to grow – rapidly. We like to move quickly, yet deliberately. We know that your people will make the difference between success or failure and we understand the frustrations of when it goes wrong. Fortunately, we have an excellent track record of getting it right.

At Inject, we help companies achieve significant growth by executing a pivotal few human resource management practices real well. We’re not about reviewing everything – neither you nor we have the time or inclination. We are about delivering excellent results where you need it most.

We are about finding you the best possible talent, so that your bench strength continues to increase. We are about building a performance culture, so that your people are focused on what’s critical and deliver outstanding results. We are about building capability for the future, so that your business continues to be one step ahead of the competition.

Our core values

These are the values that we live and die by.  We welcome you to catch us out if ever you believe we aren’t living these every day.

Hard on the behaviour, soft on the person.  Don’t accept sub-par behaviour – but don’t be a you-know-what when you’re doing it.

Seek first to understand. They say the person in the room with an opinion is the weakest one.  Understand the situation first and base your decisions on the facts.

1 + 1 = 3.  A scattered effort is a wasted effort.  Focus on a number of combined actions to deliver a superior outcome.

Be a good human.  Show the best version of yourself – but be yourself. You’ll get less wrinkles that way.

It’s all about execution.  Everyone seems to have great ideas.  The difference is in how people execute them.  It’s easy to start something, but be the person who also finishes it.

Our people

    Tommy Sim

_DSC0380v2Tommy Sim is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with 12 years’ HR experience across a very broad range of industries.  Tommy is passionate about building high performing teams and loves working with small businesses due the ability to have a significant impact in a short space of time.  He also finds the banter a lot more fun!  He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Criminology), Graduate Diploma in HRM and Employee Relations, Master of Commerce, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and completed the Management Acceleration Program at INSEAD (one of the top business schools in the world).

   Emma Teale

HR Consultant, Emma TealeEmma Teale is a Senior Recruitment Specialist, with over 13 years’ experience in recruitment and HR.  She is driven by an obsession to properly understand the culture of a business and deliver exceptional talent to support business growth and profitability.  She is just as focused on truly representing the employment brand of businesses as she with selecting the right people.  Emma has held senior recruitment and management positions at some of Australia’s most reputable firms.  She is also accredited in leading psychometric profiling and assessment tools.

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