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What Should Be Required Before an Employee is Fired

A question I am often asked from small business owners is— How do I know whether to fire or keep an employee who is not performing? If you are an employer with this same inquiry, here


6 Important Questions to Consider When Developing Staff Training

To avoid undervaluing the training process, be sure to ask yourself these six questions when either hiring a professional for staff development or working to develop internal training processes.


Terminating an Employee for Excessive Sick Leave

We get a lot of questions from small business owners and managers asking about the rules for terminating employees for excessive sick leave. The answer is that, employers aren’t able to fire an employee for taking


Limitless Leave Leads to Limitless Complications for Small Businesses

Have you heard of the new trend for companies offering their employees an unlimited amount of annual leave? Are you wondering if maybe, you should give it a try?  If so, I have some important advice


Should I Be Using Recruitment Agencies?

Are you thinking of hiring a new employee and find yourself unsure about how to begin? Do you find yourself contemplating whether or not you should use a recruitment agency?

If so, this post is for you! Read on to learn more as we make a case for and against outsourcing recruitment services.


31 Flavours of HR Risk Management

There was an article I saw the other day that was titled “31 things you need to do before having a baby”. Gees, as if we didn’t have enough things on our to-do list already! What


Why is Creating the Right Workplace Culture Important?

After reading an article written by Stephen Bartos of The Canberra Times titled,  – “Gen Y and Millennial managers: serving the nation requires more truth, less praise” I find myself compelled to write about the importance of


As an Employer, Should I Make a Counter Offer to a Resigning Employee?

You get the sense from the first moment – they have something to tell you and it is not good news.  There is a pause, followed by a deep breath.  You hear words like “decided” and


How Much Should I Pay My Employees?

If you ask this question to most business owners, let’s be honest – the real question is: how low can I pay my employees and get away with it.  I understand why this is the case.


Should I Hire a Contractor or Employee?

This is often not the question I hear. It is usually more the case of hearing “We have them engaged as a contractor, so we don’t need to worry.” Uh…maybe, but probably not. Employee vs Contractor


Should I Have a 3 Month or 6 Month Probationary Period?

You may be wondering … Are these the only options? What difference does it make?  The answer of course depends (don’t you hate that?). Don’t worry; it’s not too complicated in the end, so here goes…


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