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We help you to pass on your expertise and free up your time to work on the business

We’re big on learning that makes a difference, rather than spending days in the classroom

We’re about building a culture where people actually contribute to the learning of the company

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People learn in different ways.  Most likely in your case, you figured it out for yourself.  You know your business inside and out and did it the hard way.  If you try the same approach with your employees, it just won’t work as well.  They will approach tasks in a way that is not your distinct approach.  You will become frustrated and so will they.

Delivering expert HR solutions for Melbourne businesses, the team at Inject values the necessity of a structured and tailored new entrant training program to help your team reach their full potential.  By working with Inject on your staff development, more of your time will be freed up to work on your business, rather than in your business.

Find a HR partner in Melbourne who can help you build a culture of continuous learning

Regardless of the industry you are in, things are changing all the time.  It is invaluable to promote a workplace environment where your staff can contribute to not only their own learning, but the knowledge of others and ultimately delivering exceptional value to the end customers.

With a strong focus on real learning and development in the workplace, Inject staff development consultants are committed to helping you save time and spreading the workload amongst your employees evenly.

For real change and results across your Melbourne business, turn to Inject’s professional staff development consultants, contact us on (03) 8391 3091 today!

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I’m hiring my first employee

The whole purpose of hiring that first person was to free up your time.  Why are they taking up more of your time then?

We help you focus on development activities that will help them learn fast and effectively.  Even learning the little things such as efficient delegation of work will make a world of difference to your progression plan.

I have a few people and am looking to grow further

This is your chance to encourage your employees to take on added responsibility, leaving you time to focus on the business rather than getting caught up in it. Rather than being spoon fed, the team needs to learn how to take charge of their own development, whilst contributing new knowledge to the business.

At Inject, we help you to craft a self-sufficient, ever-evolving learning culture.

I have a management team in place and am now looking to build scale

Whether you’ve hired externally or promoted internally, it is imperative that the new manager understands your goals and developmental plan for success.

At Inject, we will work with your management team to drive them down the direction you set.  We will coach them and facilitate optimal performance management .

It’s time to get going with a proper staff development solution.  For employee development services that support your business growth plans and encourage continual learning, call us on(03) 8391 3091 to book a consultation in Melbourne today.

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